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Development Services

A primary focus of our business is providing development services to the real estate community. Our services include pre-acquisition feasibility reports and project management services.


  • Pre-acquisition feasibility report: Integrity property group serves the brokerage community by providing a detailed pre-acquisition feasibility report. We perform all necessary research to help brokers answer two important questions….what can be done with this property? And how can it get accomplished? We provide a detailed roadmap on how a potential buyer can maximize the future value of the property.


  • Project management: With our years of experience in real estate development, we are well prepared to provide investors with project management services for any development project. From small residential subdivisions to multi-family buildings,  to commercial developments and zone changes, we have the experience necessary to bring your project to fruition. You bring the project, we will bring our team of highly skilled architects, engineers, environmental consultants and more.  

Value-Add Services

During our years of experience, we became very aware of the value of land use entitlements and the potential they have to add value to existing assets. Our services include a value add feasibility report and project management services.


  • Value add feasibility report: Integrity Property Group serves property owners and the leasing community by providing a detailed value add feasibility report. Is your commercial property suffering from high vacancies? Are you maximizing the potential of the zoning on your property? With our years of experience in interpreting and writing land use and zoning regulations, we have a unique ability to see opportunity where others only see burdensome government bureaucracy. We perform all necessary research to provide our clients with a roadmap on how to utilize zoning and land use regulations to maximize the value of their property.


  • Project management: With our experience processing land use entitlements in a municipal setting, we have a unique ability to understand the entitlement process from the inside. We manage the entire entitlement process from the beginning to ultimate approval. Our services include consulting with the local government jurisdiction as needed, conducting any community outreach and presenting your project before any approval bodies including Planning Commission and City Council.

Government advocacy

We have a unique understanding of how local agencies function. Further we have relationships established with professionals within many of these jurisdictions that go to benefit our clients. If you are facing challenges anywhere throughout the government approval process, Integrity Property Group has the knowledge, skills, and relationships to get your project approved.

View 3-020720.jpg
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